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The Lakes Blaine,  Minnesota

The Lakes is a comprehensively planned residential community consisting of 1,080 acres located in the City of Blaine, Minnesota. Blaine, a rapidly developing suburb approximately 15-25 minutes north of Minneapolis.

The 1,080 acre site is well situated with regard to existing commercial uses, roadways and freeway access to the central business districts of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Primary access is off Main Street (125th Avenue, County Road 14) on its north boundary and Radisson Road, a County Highway on its southwest frontage. Immediately west is the Arnold Palmer PGA Tournament Players Golf Course and Deacon's Walk residential community. Immediately south is North Oaks West, a prestigious large lot estate development which extends along the entire south boundary of the subject property and to the east is a City open space.

Lake lot on Sunrise Lake Aspen Bay Blaine, Minnesota

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Bridges as The Lakes
The Lakes ~ Blaine
The Lakes ponds and bays
Sunrise Lake Beach ~ Lakeside Commons Plans

Lakeside Commons Plans
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Lakes, Ponds & Bays
Lakes, ponds and bays provide 158 acres of interconnected and navigable waterways with 1.4 miles of publicly accessible shoreline. The large central waterbody is intended to impart community identity, a sense of place, long views with a horizon, open space and seasonal recreational opportunities. The Lakes connect neighborhoods both visually and physically and provide opportunities for people to gather or meet.
Parks & Open Space

Parks and open space at The Lakes

Parks and open space account for 36 percent of the site, including lakes, parks and linear parkways. At the north shoreline of the central lake is a civic park and beach area with a regional trail that connects it to neighborhoods and to the City's open space system, including Pioneer and Lochness Parks. The civic park and beach area could include concession facilities for boats, canoes, paddle boats and kayak rentals as well as a warming house for winter skating and skiing activities, a civic space for art events or a farmers market and other community events. Additional parks and open space will include a 22 acre neighborhood park and a 68 acre park to the east, adjacent to the City's open spaces. The natural area includes wooded upland, wetlands and a pedestrian nature trail that will connect The Lakes to the abutting City's open space.

Parkways & Boulevards

Parkways and Boulevards at The Lakes

The parkway and boulevard system creates "green corridors" through intense landscaping, berming and planned reforestation.

Each parkway or boulevard will have its own planting theme that will help to orient the motorist, pedestrian or cyclist while providing view opportunities of the lakes and water features. Channels and the bridges will be design features that elevate travelers and provide view corridors to the lakes, channels, bays and shoreland.

The linear parkway and boulevards are intended for passive recreation or pedestrian travel with opportunities for active recreation such as bicycling, running, cross-country skiing, frisbee throwing, or other suitable activities.

Trails, Paths and Waterways

Trails, Paths and Waterways at The Lakes

The trail system contains approximately 15 miles of pedestrian paths, 4 miles of bike paths, and 2 miles of regional trails.

Paths and waterways are integral to The Lakes Master Planned Community, connecting neighborhoods to one another, and to the entire open space system.

Topography and Trees

The Lakes Topography and Trees

Topography and trees both lend to the overall ambience and amenities of the Lakes Master Planned Community. Existing oak woodlands will be preserved to the greatest extent possible and topography will be enhanced with man-made lakes and berming in key locations.

The Lakes Wetlands

Wetlands are another amenity in the Lakes Master Planned Community, with the largest of these preserved in the 65 acre open space along the community's east side. This extensive wetland complex adjoins City properties and will be connected to it with a regional trail.

Key Elements of the Plan for The Lakes

Site Concept Evolution - Key Elements of the Plan

Important Planning Considerations:

  • Harpers/Main Intersection
  • 119th/Radisson Intersection
  • Cloud Drive
  • Location of large water body
  • Community Identity (Place making)
    • Entrances
      • 1- TPC & Radisson
      • 2- Mid-point between Central & Lexington
  • Long Term Growth Plan (NE Blaine)
  • East West Collector to Lexington
  • Most Conspicuous & Desireable Entry Views & Lake Discovery
  • Land Use Distribution
    • Context - Neighboring Uses
    • Key Roadway Intersections
    • Core Mixed Use East to West & South to North
    • A Community of Neighborhoods
    • Daily & Weekly Needs
    • A Promenade
    • A Public Beach
    • Regional/Community Trail Connectivity
    • Local Trail/Sidewalk Connectivity
    • Primary Water Feature
    • A Public Gathering Site
    • Social Interaction Venue
    • Land Mark
    • Year-round Activities
Commercial/Industrial &
Neighborhood Commercial District
Commercial and Industrial Neighborhood District at The Lakes
Master Neighborhood &
Land Use Plan
Master Neighborhood and Land Use plan at The Lakes
Proposed Surrounding
Land Use
Surrounding Land Use plan at The Lakes
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