Fire Reconstruction Rebuilding Your Home After A House Fire

Has your home been damaged by fire? If so not only does it have fire damage but there will also be water damage from putting out the fire. Most likely you will not be able to live in your home until it is repaired. After you initiate your insurance claim the next step to repair fire damage is to hire a qualified repair contractor who can reconstruct your property that was damaged by fire and water. The extent of the damage could mean your home is a complete tear-down and rebuild. Your contractor will assess the extent of your fire-damaged house and provide an estimate for repair work or recommend reconstruction. If the property can be repaired they may have to take apart walls and ceilings, rebuild interior structures, repair electrical wiring, replace drywall or insulation, repaint walls and ceilings, install new flooring, and more. Though reconstruction or structural repairs after a fire can be a big project, with the help of a reputable repair contractor you can have your home rebuilt better than before. Consider this an opportunity to redesign your home and build the dream home you’ve always wanted!

Fire Damaged Home

What is the difference between fire damage restoration and fire damage reconstruction?

When it comes to repairing fire damage, there are two main options: restoration and reconstruction. It’s important to understand the difference between the two before making a decision. Here’s a look at the key differences between fire damage restoration and fire damage reconstruction.

What is fire restoration?

Fire restoration is mostly for a small fires with no structural damage. Fire restoration is the process of restoring fire-damaged properties to their previous condition. Professional fire damage contractors can assess the fire and smoke damage to provide expert fire restoration services for. Fire damage restoration requires removing ash and soot, repairing or replacing walls, ceilings and carpets, as well as treating smoke odors in order to get back your home or business to its pre-fire state. Most often fire restoration is done when the damage from the house fire does not require structural repair and is limited to a small area. TJB Homes is not a fire restoration company, however, our remodeling division can perform fire restoration in conjuction with remodeling.

What is fire reconstruction?

Fire reconstruction is for homes that had significant damage, especially structural. Fire reconstruction is a process of rebuilding fire-damaged homes, often with improvements. It may mean a complete tear-down of your damaged home and rebuilding a new home. In the case of tear-down this is the perfect opportunity to custom design your new home. If not complete tear-down and rebuild, many homeowners choose to use the opportunity to remodel their homes and update their floor plans. Property owners experiencing fire and water damage should hire a fire reconstruction contractor, who helps design and rebuild the property. Fire reconstruction means demolishing the damaged areas and removing materials, repairing or rebuilding structural elements like walls and roofs, repairing and updating electrical, installing new floors and carpets, and finishes. Fire reconstruction contractors can also provide advice on purchasing materials for fire prevention purposes. There are options such as in-home residential fire sprinkler systems and fire-resistant foam insulation that can greatly reduce damage should any future fires occur. It’s essential for fire-affected homeowners to use a qualified fire restoration contractor due to the complexity of the work required, as reconstructing fire-damaged property requires special skills and knowledge.

Redesign home plan

TJB Homes is a licensed contractor offering fire reconstruction

TJB Homes has been designing and building new construction homes for over 40 years in the Twin Cities metro area. Over the years we’ve also worked on multiple fire-damaged houses. In addition to being able to rebuild your fire-damaged home, we also have decades of experience designing homes. This expertise allows us to help you remodel your home to make it better than before. We understand losing your home is stressful and emotional. Consider this an opportunity to redesign your home and build the dream home you want! We’ll help you recover with a rebuilt home you will love!

Claims process of your insurance company

Your insurance agent will be able to help you with your house fire claims process. Your agent should go over your insurance policy with you as well as your policy limit and if it’s replacement cost coverage or dwelling replacement cost. Note that Minnesota does not have valued policy laws. If you do not have sufficient insurance coverage you may have out-of-pocket expenses.

Hire TJB Homes To Reconstruct Your Fire-Damaged House

We will work with you to guide, plan and budget for the reconstruction of your home. Our experts can help assess your fire-damaged home, provide an estimate for repair, and then rebuild your property. Whether you’re looking to improve or rebuild your fire-damaged property, TJB Homes is here to help. We are licensed contractors who offer exceptional quality fire reconstruction in the Minneapolis area. Trust TJB Homes to make the rebuilding process easy and get you back to living in your newly reconstructed house. Contact us today for a free estimate and find out how we can help you.

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