Lots of warm air bypass in to attic leading to icicles

Lots of warm air bypass in to attic

TJB Home, no icelcles

TJB Home, no icelcles

TJB Home, Free and clear of ice dams

Another TJB Home, Free and clear

The above says what our 40 year Building Program of building “SUPER ENERGY HOMES” is all about.

Our homes don’t leak warm air into the attics through by passes that create damaging ice dams. Drive around and look at other homes and you will see icicles so big that they almost hit the ground! TJB Homes are Super tight homes that keep warm air in the house and cold air outside where it belongs.

Email from Vice President, Deacon’s Forest Homeowners Association

Good morning Tom,
I want to get your professional opinion on the necessity of snow removal from the first 4-6 ft of our roofs based on ice buildup underneath the snow, as well as the increasing weight being put on the roof structure? From what I can see in surveying the front of the homes in our association; I am not seeing any ice dames, however am sure there is melting and refreezing going on underneath with concern of it building up over the next several weeks.

The question is whether it is prudent for us to recommend to the homeowners to have their roofs raked, or if it is not an issue based on the construction of our homes? As I am sure you are aware the cost is rather expensive at between $300 and $400 per roof and do not want to make that recommendation if it is not necessary.

Appreciate your thoughts / input on this.

Respectfully, Jim Nelson Vice President, Deacon’s Forest Homeowners Association

Tom’s Reply...

Hello Jim,
Roofs are designed for 360# per Square ft loading. The amount of snow and the roofing do not even come close to maxing out the roof!

Its always good to remove the first couple feet of snow with a snow rake. It just helps when the thaw comes.

As far as ice in attic, not to worry. Go to our Web site and read how we build or stop at our parade home around the corner from you. View our Process Book that says it all.

Call if you have any questions