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Tom's Sportsman Adventures

Virginia Beach 2017

Jason Reeling In Big Tuna Big Tuna More Big Tuna Nice Dolphin Big Tuna Big Tuna Big Tuna
  • Greater BarracudaBig Catch 60" and 40# caught Fishing with Brent Pobuda on Boca Grande Pass
  • Dog Size Teeth!Check out the close up of this barracuda's dog size teeth!
  • Spanish MackeralBrent caught nice Spanish Mackeral. Summer July 2012.
  • Grandson Codyand his Snook
  • Granddaughter JennaCaught a big snook!
  • Tom's Snook
  • Grandpa Tom�s Grandson Codyhauls in his first giant bass at 4½ years old fishing off the dock with his new rod and reel.
  • 19 1/2August 2012 Balsam Lake Wis. Caught on a Green Lizard. Lipped by son Jason. Fish was released.
  • Large Northern PikeRainy Lake
  • Fat Bass!Trophy size bass
  • Big Red Snapper
  • TarponCheck out the size of this tarpon head!
  • TarponOnly 180 lbs!
  • Tom, Justin and JasonNice day's catch in Canada
  • Huge GrouperTom got a workout landing this big grouper!
  • Another Huge Grouper
  • SharkCatching a 7 foot shark
  • AlligatorFlorida gator taken with permit
Greater Barracuda1 Dog Size Teeth!2 Spanish Mackeral3 Grandson Cody4 Granddaughter Jenna5 Tom's Snook6 Grandpa Tom�s Grandson Cody7 19 1/28 Large Northern Pike9 Fat Bass!10 Big Red Snapper11 Tarpon12 Tarpon13 Tom, Justin and Jason14 Huge Grouper15 Another Huge Grouper16 Shark17 Alligator18

(See Tom at about 8:45 into clip)