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Rapp Farm Two-Story Home 6 Rapp Farm Rd


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20 Crescent Lane
North Oaks, MN 55127

Special Feature: Indoor Sports Room®
Community: Rapp Farm
Bedrooms: 5 | Bathrooms: 5 | Sq. Ft.: TBD
Status: To Be Built

North Oaks
North Oaks, MN Community Info

As you consider possible locations for your custom home, look no further than North Oaks for privacy and luxury in strikingly attractive surroundings. North Oaks lots for sale offer these features and more in this beautiful suburb just North of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This unique area is primarily owned and maintained by its residents, and each lot is close to nature, with connecting trails, parks, and acres of natural land. Call TJB Homes today at 763-780-2944 to learn more about the prestigious houses in the area and the available lots for your luxury home.

City History

The original North Oaks Farm was established in 1883 and ran until 1950. At that time, the owners decided to develop the land into a private residential community with emphasis on protecting the environment during expansion. Thus, North Oaks began as a gated community, and it remains a city with private access only. In fact, no roads are owned by the city, as each homeowner’s property line extends halfway into the street.

Today, North Oaks has about 4500 residents. As no other property is owned by the city, all plowing, road maintenance, and park and trail upkeep is performed by the North Oaks Home Owners Association. The city government provides fire, police, and licensing services. Natural resources include woods, hills, vast meadows, wetlands, and lakes, with a protected 620-acre conservation space.

City Activities

Although the area is primarily comprised of private residential lots, residents still have the chance to connect with their community. Advisory board opportunities include the City Council, Planning Commission, and Natural Resource Committee. Other activities and organizations include:

  • Soccer club
  • League of women voters
  • Garden club
  • Golf club
  • Hospital guilds

The surrounding environment is left as is, including the woods as home to deer and coyote and bodies of water full of geese and fish. Community members do take steps to help preserve the environment, however, by helping to remove invasive species such as garlic mustard and buckthorn.


This community is the premier location for building your home. There are a variety of lots for sale in North Oaks, including spaces hand-picked by TJB Homes in two of the three neighborhoods. North Oaks luxury homes can be found in the Rapp Farm neighborhood, which is on the northeast side of the city. Rapp Farm sits on the north edge of the city’s conservation area, with local trails, footpaths, and green spaces crisscrossing the area.

Another community perfect for custom homes within North Oaks is Red Forest Way, which is comprised of wooded lots between two to five acres in size. These sites are attractive, secluded, and offer unparalleled scenery. To learn more about North Oaks luxury homes, call TJB Homes today at 763-780-2944 or fill out our contact form below. If you are worried about selling your old home, talk to us about our guarantee program, which will enable you to sell or trade your home for a new TJB property.

Red Forest Way

Rapp Farm
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